what was that video with natina and left eye doing karate???? i rly wanna see it

Blaque - I Do

wish that video clip wasn’t so blurry. i been looking for that clip online for a couple years. seesh. 

young Beyonce can’t wait to meet TLC

The video you were looking for is called “Girls Night Out”

Do you know where the video of them sitting on steps in black and white is/from?

I do - it’s from an old mtv interview and now I can’t find it but when I do i’ll post it as soon as I can.

If anyone else knows the video im referring to, please feel free to submit it if you can. =)

Boz Bizz - Red Light Special set 1was suppose to post this a while ago.

If I give credit to you, could I please post this on my site? :) Thanks!

sure! are you referring to a photo or just the blog?

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Can’t wait for their reunion performance. #tlc #amas #music #startingsoon


Can’t wait for their reunion performance. #tlc #amas #music #startingsoon

Ooh On The TLC Tip!

One of the most successful girl groups in history! Still relevant today, this super star group still rocks my world and this is why I dedicate this page to T-Boz, Left-Eye and Chilli....Better known as TLC...R.I.P Lisa Left-Eye Lopes

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TLC: 20 Years!

TLC celebrates there 20 year anniversary this year. A special tour to celebrate is in the works, so be sure to be the FIRST to find out and purchase tickets! Please visit TLC20.com

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